Norway - Thore Sande
Introducing the new Bailli Délégué of Norway

Chancelier Thore Sande was promoted to be Bailli Délégué of Norway in April 2016.

Joining the Chaîne in 1999 as a Maître Hôtelier in the Bailliage of Vestfold, Thore became Bailli in 2005 before being promoted to Chancelier in 2009.  When Rolf Braend decided to stand down it was logical that Thore took his place.
In 1972 Thore started his career in the hospitality profession as a trainee at the well-known Hotel Continental in Oslo. He progressed to be a Head Waiter, Food & Beverage Manager and eventually Hotel General Manager before in 2005 establishing Herskapelig AS, his own restaurant and banqueting company.

Looking to the future Thore commented that the Bailliage has been through a revitalisation since Rolf Braend was promoted to Bailli Délégué. Norway has eight local Bailliages with currently circa 800 members (making the National Bailliage sixth largest in the world) and a 75%/25% split between Non-Professionals and Professionals.

By appointing Thore as Bailli Délégué the International Board of the Chaîne expressed its complete confidence in his abilities developed in his professional career to successfully project manage taking the Bailliage of Norway forward to new heights.

Erling Risnæs
Chargé de Presse


Upper: Bailli Délégué Thore Sande with President Atallah
Lower: The Scandinavian Baillis Délégués