Tunisia World Chaîne Day
Tunis, April 23, 2016
Cultural and tourist programme celebrated World Chaîne Day

World Chaîne Day – 23 April
The cultural and tourist programme of the World Chaîne Day started on the Saturday morning with a tour of a real gem of Tunisian heritage, a former beylical palace, in Tunis’ Medina. Members and guests had the opportunity to try some meticulously prepared delicacies from the times of the beys and then ventured on a lovely stroll through the Medina, which is deemed to be one of the most beautiful in North Africa. The care with which traditional Arabic forms have been preserved has earned it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Chapitre – 23-24 April
This 5th Tunisia Chapitre began with a welcome cocktail in the “SKIFA” room of the Dar El Marsa Hotel. The Induction Ceremony took place at the hotel in a delightful setting, richly decorated with Tunisian Malouf musical instruments used for traditional Tunisian music.

The Ceremony was presided over by the Bailli Délégué, Ezzedine Chaïeb, ably assisted by members of the National Board. This event was followed by cocktails and champagne.

The sumptuous Gala Dinner was served on the panoramic roof terrace of the hotel, where members and guests were treated to delicious sophisticated dishes, paired with an impressive selection of white, rosé and red “Jour et Nuit” wines produced by Ceptunes SA.


Salad à la ceviche, inspired by "near and far"

Light fish tea with aniseed and prawn bonbon

Fillet of sea bream with rosebuds and saffron

Lebanese frankincense risotto, red chili pistou

Frosted mint and celery juice

Rack of lamb with seaweed
chickpeas with cumin, carrot and ginger, foie gras potatoes

Green tea and verbena gateau, with a lemon rosette
olive and rosebud chocolate shard


After the Sunday brunch, we visited the Acropolium and the Carthage Museum, home to the recumbent effigy and statue of St Louis, to commemorate the founder of the Chaîne in 1248.

We went our separate ways in the early afternoon, with the promise of meeting again as soon as possible.

Ezzedine Chaïeb
Bailli Délégué