Hungary Jeunes Sommeliers
Budapest, June 3, 2016
Second in a 3-day series of events

The National Bailliage held a three day series of remarkable events dedicated to its young chefs and for the first time, its young sommeliers.

These national competitions are obviously of great importance in measuring the knowledge of our young competitors prior to their participating as Hungary’s representatives on the international stage.

The programme for the three days was:
- June 2nd: National Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition at METRO Gastro Academy
- June 3rd: National Jeunes Sommeliers Competition at Gundel Restaurant
- June 4th: Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner at the Hotel Corinthia

The winner of the National Jeunes Sommelier Competition was Fruzsina Nagy from Apetitorium. She will represent our Bailliage in the International Final on August 25-26 in Vaduz (Liechtenstein).

Do watch the video of the competition! Ferenc Csárdás has done a wonderful job putting it together.

Vive la Chaîne!

Ivan P. Novak
Bailli Délégué

Photos are courtesy of (Emese Simon and Réka Földi)