OMGD France Working Meeting
Bailliage Provincial of Alsace
Alsace, July 8-9, 2016
Tri-national meeting to review the development of the OMGD in the three countries represented

In order to review the development of the OMGD in France, Germany and Switzerland, on Friday, July 8th, a three nation working meeting was organised by the Bailliage Provincial d’Alsace.

Natalie Lumpp - Échanson of Germany
Michaela Dickgiesser - Bailli of Baden-Schwarzwald, Germany
Joseph Michlig - Échanson of Switzerland
Rolf Hertig - Bailli of Lucerne, Switzerland
Bruno Marret - Échanson of France
Jean-Claude Donatin - Bailli Provincial of Alsace, France

Resolutions: "OMGD Programme 2017"
At the forthcoming autumn meeting in Alsace, 10 members from Alsace are to be inducted as members of the OMGD.

A development campaign for new members is to take place in France at the instigation of Échanson Bruno Marret.

On Monday, March 20, 2017, France will organise the national final of the Jeunes Sommeliers competition in Alsace. The jury for the competition will be chaired by Natalie Lumpp, Échanson of Germany and Joseph Michlig, Échanson of Switzerland.

It was decided to arrange two wine-related events during the year in one of the three countries present. Two days would be organised on May 5-6, 2017, in Lucerne in collaboration with the Bailliages of Lucerne, Baden-Schwarzwald and Alsace.

Dinner at the "Bœuf Rouge" Restaurant
The evening continued with a dinner prepared by the Vice-Conseiller Culinaire François Golla, Chef of the « Bœuf Rouge » in Niederschaeffolsheim.

The courses were accompanied by a selection of wines from the three countries. 15 wines were tasted to the great delight of those present.

Vineyard visit
On Saturday morning there was a visit to the wine-producing estate of Jean-Daniel Hering in Barr.

A walk through the vines of the Grand Cru Kirchberg was followed by a tasting session in the company of the wine grower and a traditional Alsatian lunch in Heiligenstein.

Jean-Claude Donatin
Bailli Provincial d’Alsace