Canada - Takashi Ito
Bailliage of Victoria
Officier Maître Rôtisseur
Executive Chef of the AURA Waterfront Restaurant at The Inn at Laurel Point, Victoria (British Columbia)

Chef Takashi Ito spent the first twenty-three years of his life in Sendai, Japan. His father was a Chemistry Professor by profession but a Chef at home. Having travelled extensively, he exposed Takashi and his brother (also a Chef) to exquisite foods like foie gras, blue cheese and pâté – all unheard of in Japan in the Sixties.

Chef Ito did not begin his career in a kitchen as he studied law. However halfway through his time at University, realising his passion for food would not subside, he enrolled in a cookery school.

Graduating in 1980 with both his law degree and a cookery diploma he moved to Canada. The draw of a cosmopolitan lifestyle and the possibilities for future advancement eventually led him to Ottawa, where he met his mentor, Frits Marechal, at the Radisson Plaza. Frits advocated that, in addition to cooking, Takashi must develop strong leadership skills to build a true culinary team. In 1993, Chef Ito’s arrived at The Fairmont Palliser in Calgary, a move which afforded him his first opportunity to develop his own style of cuisine as Executive Chef.

Chef Ito’s cuisine is based on French cuisine techniques with a Japanese flair. His philosophy is to create cuisine using fresh local ingredients, while respecting food’s individual character. Now Executive Chef of the AURA Waterfront Restaurant at The Inn at Laurel Point, in Victoria, British Columbia, Chef Ito thoroughly enjoys creating fun cuisine in the heart of this busy kitchen together with spending his time mentoring and developing passionate young chefs.

Eric Jones
Chargé de Presse


In a Q&A session with Chef Ito, we gain a greater insight into his thoughts on his profession:

You have obviously inspired a lot of young chefs – from whom do you draw your inspiration?
Conseiller Culinaire Takashi Murakami was a role model for me. Here I could see a successful Japanese chef with a similar background to mine. Chef Murakami is all about running superb kitchens with a talented culinary team taking time to coach and inspire others.  He is really fantastic!

What would you say has been the biggest development in gastronomy that you have witnessed in your years as a chef?
Sous-vide – how amazing that we can now consistently cook meat through at the perfect temperature.

What do you think is the most significant challenge faced by gastronomy today?
The lack of skilled people.

What are your professional highlights?
Culinary Olympics, Ice Carving World Champion, Cooking for the G8 Summit (including the Prime Ministers of Canada, Japan, UK and the USA), cooking for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, being chosen to travel and cook for Bill Gates, being inducted into the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame in 2014.

What has the Chaîne meant to you as a Chef?
The Chaîne has given me the opportunity to push myself and my team to the limits.  As a member for over 20 years in Calgary and Victoria, the preparation for Chaîne events has encouraged my creativity and ensured seamless execution.

If you could choose your last meal, what would it be?
First course: sautéed foie gras and poached Okanagan peach – Wine: Sauternes

Main course: Salt Spring Island lamb with rosemary and Dijon demi – Wine: St. Émilion

Cheese course: La Sauvagine and Alpindon with bread made by Ian, AURA’s baker

Skip dessert but have two portions of each please! One for here, the other “to go”!

What advice would you give to aspiring young chefs?
Come and work with me at The Inn at Laurel Point (said Chef Ito with a chuckle).