OMGD Turkey Grape-picking & Wine Tasting
Bailliage of Antalya
Elmali, October 2, 2016
Field trip to Likya Vineyards
" Likya contributes to protecting the historical heritage of the region "

Bailliage members organised an all-day field trip to the nearby Likya Vineyards and winery, participated in their harvest, and tasted 12 different prime Likya wines.

Likya vineyards and winery are located in Elmalı near Antalya. Having completed his wine education in England, Burak Özkan, owner of Likya wines and the Bailliage’s Vice-Échanson, planted the first vineyards in Elmalı in 1999.  High on Toros Mountain at an altitude of 1100m Burak established his facilities in 2007 with the first wine ready for 2008. Likya Wines has won more than a hundred awards and medals. It exports wines to European countries and selected restaurants in New York City.

Burak Özkan explained the various grape types and the way wine is produced. He introduced 12 different wines produced from local grapes, for example, Aci kara (literally “bitter black”), and Merzifon Karası.

At the dinner, which was attended by Ertuğrul Günay, Turkey’s former Minister of Culture & Tourism, Burak Özkan told us his facilities were 16 miles from the ruins of “Oeoanda”, the historical city where wine was produced by the Lycians. He added that Likya contributes to protecting the historical heritage of the region. Likya’s wines names and labels carry traces of this heritage.

Bailli Nihat Tümkaya profusely thanked Burak Özkan for a wonderful and most informative day. He was presented with a commemorative plaque in recognition for hosting this interesting Ordre Mondial event at his facilities bringing as it did the opportunity for our members to participate in the harvest and the wine tasting sessions.

Banu Tonguc
Vice-Chargé de Presse

Translated into English from the original Turkish by Elsy Nergizyan and Bailli Délégué Mohamed Hammam