France - Tourin blanchi
An institution in Aquitaine
Worthy of being listed by UNESCO as a heritage

Eminently worthy of appearing on the World Heritage list, Tourin Blanchi is an institution with its roots firmly planted in the traditions of the Aquitaine region, particularly in Bordeaux. Here, the age-old habits of eating well and more importantly, drinking well, sometimes to excess, led to our ancestors seeking a remedy for the morning after to cure those furry tongues, that heavy dullness, the throbbing headaches and that general feeling of discomfort.

This resulted in the creation of the famous “tourin blanchi” (garlic soup), the main benefit of which is to help to re-establish a balance after overindulging. It also caresses the taste buds with its extraordinary flavours and delicate aroma which will not upset a fragile stomach.

In all honesty, this “tourin” will not exactly cure what doctors call ‘veisalgia’ – what you and I would refer to as a hangover – but it is a delicious treat for those recovering from the excesses of the night before and who are not quite ready to try the ‘hair of the dog’.


A tradition that is dying out: at weddings, it was once customary for those die-hard guests who carried on partying to take some “tourin blanchi” to the newly-weds in their bridal chamber in the early hours, usually served for fun in a pretty chamber pot.

A tradition that is alive and well: after enjoying your “tourin” served in a soup plate called an “assiette calotte”, pour some local red wine into it and enjoy this “chabrot” by drinking it straight from the plate.

Bernard Seignat
Chancelier Honoraire