France - Olive Oil from Alexis Muñoz
Olive oils with character
" The passion for olive oil has changed my life "

“Olive oil is not a condiment. It is an ingredient, the foundation of every unique culinary experience,” Alexis Muñoz

Entrepreneur by instinct and passionate culinary amateur, Alexis Muñoz has created a brand of olive oils, bearing his name, sourced from some of the richest and most unique lands around the world, with two factors in common: they are all single variety and strictly organic. Alexis Muñoz stands by his belief that a quality olive variety of any character should remain pure and not be mixed or blended with another variety.

Just as with wine, so the tastes, aromas, colours and organoleptic properties of an olive oil vary according to the land and soil, agricultural practices, the fruit variety, the stage of its development, the harvest and the quality of the production process to which it is subjected.

“The passion for olive oil has changed my life,” said Alexis Muñoz, who also explained that he was not pre-destined to follow this path. He had no family history or geographical heritage to lead him into the production of olive oil. “Nothing,” he said, “except the childhood memories in which the scent of olive oil filled our memorable family meals.”

He started to explore the world of olive farming, meeting small producers, going off the beaten track and trusting to his instincts. In 2009 he built a mill in Tunisia in the heart of a natural park that produced Eldorado olives, a particular type of olive that is protected from unnatural chemical treatments. In 2011 he invited other olive oil makers who shared his philosophy and ethics to join forces to develop a range of single variety oils.

The Alexis Muñoz brand takes this expertise in olive oil, accommodates the demands of contemporary production with innovative technology and uses it to create olive oils with character, enhancing the type and variety native to the particular region in order to create a unique sensorial experience.

Alexis Muñoz invites all great chefs to feed their imaginations with the variety and subtlety offered by these olive oils, using their own skills and knowledge to reveal the unique flavours and properties of this ‘liquid treasure’.

Photos (c) Alexis Muñoz