OMGD Turkey Wine Tasting
Bailliage of Istanbul
Istanbul, November 22, 2016
Mega wine tasting in Istanbul

40 members attended the Bailliage of Istanbul first OMGD event of the season which was held at Şans Restaurant. The event was an experiment featuring local boutique wine producer “Chamlija Wines”, Austrian special wine glass and decanter producer “ZALTO”, and the renowned bottle opening system provided by “Coravin Wine Access”.

Professionel du Vin Taner Ogutoglu is distributer of the ZALTO and Coravin ranges of products in Turkey. He gave a presentation during which he explained in detail and demonstrated the functionality of the various products. He also covered the impact of each on the quality of wine.

Chamlija Wines were then served using the “Coravin Wine Access” and ZALTO’s special wine glasses. Their “IFAVINE” smart decanters were used. These accelerate the ventilation process of the wine to one minute compared to one hour required for ordinary wine decanters.

The wines were then served in ZALTO’s wine glasses, called by the international wine masters “The Wine Whisperer”. These were featured in the Wall Street Journal, due to their great design, meticulous craftsmanship and the impact of the glasses on the taste of wine.

Professionel du Vin Mustafa Camlica, who is the owner of “Chamlija Wines”, introduced a selection of his newly-produced, but not yet released wines …

- Felix Culpa Chardonnay
- Quartz Fumé
- Alvarinho Reserva
- Riesling

- Papaskarasi Reserva 2015
- Kalecik Karasi
- Felix Culpa Pinot Noir
- Thracian Red 2013
- Nev’I Sahsina Munhasir 2014

Mustafa also gave a briefing regarding the timing of the decanting and ventilation process for each of the different wines, all of which were tasted and appreciated by our members.

Mohamed Hammam
Bailli Délégué