Venezuela Chapitre
Caracas, December 6, 2016
Alfonso Limes inducted as Bailli Délégué

At the General Assembly of our Bailliage held at the Pestana Hotel, Caracas, in July 2016, some changes to the National Council were put to the vote as a result of the then post-holders deciding to stand down.

As a result of the election, the new team going forward was confirmed in post, namely:
- Bailli Délégué: Alfonso Limes
- Chancelier: Consuelo de Lugar
- Argentier: Oswaldo D’Urso
- Conseiller Culinaire: Dino Abalo
- Conseiller Gastronomique: Andres Barsumian
- Chargé de Presse: Alexis Navas
- Charge de Missions: Rafael Navarro

Whilst the newly-elected National Council assumed its duties at once, it was not until our annual Chapitre on December 6th that they received the Chaîne regalia appropriate to their new grades.

The Induction Ceremony and Gala Dinner that followed were held, as is the Bailliage’s long-standing tradition, at the 5-star Hotel Gran Meliá in Caracas. Located in the heart of the country’s capital city, the hotel combines timeless luxury with an avant-garde flair, perfect for both the business and leisure guest.

In his capacity as a Member of the Conseil Magistral, Bailli Délégué Honoraire Wolfgang Gutmann presided over the ceremony. The new members of the Council, together with the other inductees and those promoted received a warm welcome from the audience.

Wolfgang commented afterwards that it was a great pleasure to induct our new Bailli Délégué together with other new members of the National Council who will lead the Bailliage and maintain the standard of our beloved Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

After the Ceremony, aperitifs and appetisers were enjoyed at the reception before moving to the banqueting room for the Gala Dinner and its very well prepared dishes partnered by carefully-selected wines from around the world.

It was an excellent event. Accordingly everybody was more than happy!

Vive la Chaîne!

Wolfgang Gutmann
Bailli Délégué Honoraire