Germany World Chaîne Day
Bailliage of Baden Württemberg
Stuttgart, April 22, 2017
Michelin-starred airport restaurant was the place to be

The Bailliage held a wonderful celebration and dinner in Restaurant “top air” at Stuttgart Airport.

“top air” is the only airport restaurant worldwide which for many years has been awarded a Michelin star.

The establishment’s key personnel are all Chaîne members: owner Claus Wöllhaf is a Grand Officer Maître Restaurateur, Chef Marco Akuzun is a Chef Rôtisseur and Restaurant Manager/Sommelier Ralf Pinzenscham is currently a Chef de Table.

Not surprisingly, given the renown of “top air” and the welcome from the management and staff, members and guests participating in this special event enjoyed the celebration of World Chaîne Day not to mention the outstanding dinner.

Lobster tartare - Lobster macaroon - Tandoori
Mango jelly - Baked calf’s tail praline
Violet mustard - Rosemary


Pink roasted venison fillet
romanesco, celery, truffle jus

Our bouillabaisse of Atlantic fish
with beans, tomato and artichoke

Roasted ‘dry-aged’ leg of black feathered chicken
pumpkin, tarragon, sour dough

Garimori Ibérico Presa Bellota*
white cabbage, parsley, caraway, onion, wheat beer, mustard

Rucola sorbet with olive oil

“top air” strawberry variation 2017

Petits fours

One of the highlights was the moment, when the members and the kitchen brigade were standing side by side to form the two chains on the Chaîne logo.

We hope that all members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs had the same understanding and pride for our worldwide fraternity.

Vive la Chaîne!

Walter Steyer
Vice-Chargé de Missions (responsible for international relations)

* The “presa” is the current fashionable cut of Ibérico Bellota among Spanish avant-garde chefs. With its intensely marbled, deep red meat similar in appearance to Wagyu beef, this collar cut of pork is succulent when barbecued and perfect when well done. But it can also be served medium rare.