Costa Rica World Chaîne Day
San José, April 22, 2017
Celebration at L'Île de France worthy of the day
>>> Be sure to watch the superbly produced video! <<<

The renewed Chaîne in Costa Rica with its Bailliages of San José and Guanacaste organized an event to celebrate World Chaîne Day on April 22 that its attendants will not lightly forget.

The venue was L´Île de France on Avenue Escazu in San José. Its renowned chef, Keilor Sánchez, prepared an exquisite menu with the theme of a “Nuit d´Or” (lit. “Golden night”).

But first, during the reception, the guests were treated to a delightful and visually beautiful performance by the soprano, Andrea Ramirez, whose dress served as a screen to project fireworks and the Chaîne logo.

A quenelle of smoked trout with pearls of Chardonnay and an excellent Cava (Sogas Mascaro) were the perfect complement to this amazing spectacle.

Then it was on to the dinner …


Pâté de campagne
with truffles and pistachio

Salmon soufflé
saffron and lemon butter sauce

Civet of lamb
roasted fennel, pea puree

Goat’s cheese
mixed greens salad

Chocolate marquise
coconut sand, English cream

The dessert formed a perfect “cherry on the cake” especially with its theme-inspired golden spun sugar decoration.

Delicious wines - a Côtes de Provence rosé and an Izadi Crianza Rioja - accompanied the courses. With the addition of live violin music a beautiful atmosphere was created.

The typical camaraderie and a night of excellent food, drinks and entertainment made for a worthy celebration of World Chaîne Day in Costa Rica!

Bart de Lange
Chargé de Presse