Hungary World Chaîne Day
Budapest, April 22, 2017
Celebrating the Chaîne's common values
" The evening confirmed that gastronomy is the only art medium which stimulates all five senses "

Celebrations are always special moments in our lives, especially if values such as friendship and enthusiasm for different cultures connect us globally through the art of gastronomy. We highly appreciated Ari-Pekka Parviainen and his team organising another World Chaîne Day and were delighted to participate.

Hungary considers it important to preserve traditions also open to innovation in the widest sense. Executive Chef Gergő Gullner and his team created a wonderful festive menu for this great occasion reflecting their philosophy also traditions and innovation.

Art, attention to detail, highest professionalism were involved in the excellent dishes which evoked red, white and green colours of our national flag. The sophisticated menu was complemented by the flavours of the best Hungarian wines and the famous Hungarian digestive ‘pálinka’.

The evening confirmed that gastronomy is the only art medium which stimulates all five senses.

Venue for the event was the InterContinental Budapest celebrating its 35th year anniversary this year. The hotel is located in the city’s most prestigious area, beside the UNESCO World Heritage Sites next to the Chain Bridge over the River Danube. Chargé de Missions Dr Ákos Niklai, one of our founding members and the hotel’s first General Manager, greeted everyone.

Our distinguished guest, Dr Melisande Wolff-Mankevich, Bailli of Palm Beach, taught us a new form of ‘cheers’ which involved proposing a toast to the person sitting to the right so it goes around and reaches everyone seated at the table.

Elegance, beauty, pleasures of gastronomy together with classical music by harpist Csilla Gulyás and decorations including Chaîne logos, also characterized this unique event.

Vive la Chaîne!

Iván Novák
Bailli Délégué