Singapore World Chaîne Day
April 22, 2017
Truly befitting a global celebration

Taking pride of place in the city centre, in a monument from our colonial past, the National Gallery is an establishment dear to a gourmet’s heart. Michelin two-star Odette, the brainchild of celebrity Chef/Owner Julien Royer, is barely two years old and full with advance reservations months ahead. What a privilege therefore to be able to hold our inaugural World Chaîne Day there.

Our gastronomy professionals began planning six months earlier resulting in an evening of refined dining orchestrated by Chef Julien. He customised a menu for this celebration. The artistry in his culinary creations is evident in the photos. The entire restaurant was exclusively decorated to host our 42 diners on the balmy evening.

During pre-dinner cocktails, members marvelled at the surprisingly delicate, yet full flavoured morsels that were the canapes. Accompanying them was our signature “Fleur de Singapour” Blanc de Noir Champagne produced by Larnaudie-Hirault especially for the Bailliage.

Dinner was no ordinary affair. Servers mixed elements from various dispensers to form a flowing gaseous mist to create the smoked organic egg, forming a cloud of truffle foam over the soup, and combining in the moment sauces for the entrée.

Wild Atlantic turbot ‘Esprit Thai’ was outstanding. The chef’s hometown boutique cheese trio followed by Baba ‘Bouchon’ brought an iconic dinner to a fitting close.

Service at Odette was top notch, attentive and elegant in turnout, without the slightest hint of snobbishness.

For a truly magnificent evening, truly befitting of a global celebration, we raised a toast to the Chaîne from Odette!

Cheong Chung Kin
Chargé de Presse