Finland World Chaîne Day
Tampere, April 22, 2017
Worldwide and national celebrations combined

The third year hospitality management students at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences arranged the Bailliage’s World Chaîne Day Gala Dinner as their final big project.

The project included creating a seven-course menu together with selecting the wines served.  The dinner’s theme was “Finland 100 years - a journey through the Finnish regions”.

Accordingly, seven regions were each represented by a course in the menu. The ingredients, including many local specialities, also came from all over Finland.



Rainbow trout
sea buckthorn berries

Potato and asparagus with clear broth

"Green" sorbet

Duo of reindeer - roasted and liver terrine
Dauphinoise potatoes, young leaves

Cheese from Åland

“Finnish flavours” dessert
including tar, cranberry and buttermilk


Valkia 100

Steinschaden Grüner Veltliner ‘Löss&Stein’ 2015 - Kamptal, Austria

Rouge de Carsin ‘Suomi Finland 100’ 2014 - Château Carsin
AC Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux

Château d’Arche 2010 - Sauternes

Monnet VS Cognac or Lapponia Lakka (Cloudberry liqueur)

Two commemorative ‘Finland 100 years’ wines were served. Pernod-Ricard’s sparkling “Valkia 100” was enjoyed as an opening toast. High-quality raw materials such as domestic white currants and blueberries were used to produce it. The elegant bottle represents top Finnish design magnificently interpreting the special anniversary of the Republic. The Bordeaux red by Château Carsin perfectly partnered the main course also the cheese.

The celebration of Finland’s independence centenary was carried through everything we had planned - the food and drinks, the menu cards and atmosphere. Celebrating our national anniversary with that of World Chaîne Day was a perfect combination demonstrating not just pride, naturally, in being Finnish but equally important, also as members of a worldwide Confrérie that is the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

Katri Karppinen & Aarne Hietamäki
(Bailliage of Tampere “Rôtisseurs” scholarship students)

Photos by Sara-Maaria Kylänpää