Lebanon Grand Chapitre
Beirut, April 21-24, 2-17
Under the spell of the 'land of the cedars'
" it is no wonder that everyone promised to come back to Lebanon "

To celebrate World Chaîne Day on April 22nd, the Bailliage organized a Grand Chapitre commencing on April 21st and not concluding until April 24th.

The successful programme of events took place in the presence of International Vice-President Marie Jones, representing President Yam Atallah, as well as 32 participants from other national Bailliages. Seventeen of whom came from Kuwait, with others from Egypt and Europe.

The Gala Induction evening coincided with the celebration of World Chaîne Day. Held at Eau de Vie in the Hotel Phoenicia, the Induction Ceremony was presided over by Marie Jones with the support of two Members of the Conseil Magistral, namely Arlette Mabardi, Bailli Délégué of Lebanon, and Mohamed Najia, Bailli Délégué of Kuwait.

At the Ceremony, 17 members were honoured with the title of Commandeur, Jean-François Guichard came especially from France to be promoted to Chargé de Missions for that Bailliage, and 13 others were promoted or received their first Chaîne regalia as new members. Four members from Lebanon were inducted into the OMGD (Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs).

Land of contrast and harmony, both dynamic and passionate, Lebanon has much charm. Rebuilt in the Nineties, Beirut, the capital, is a city that never sleeps being famous for its fabulous nightlife. Many gastronomic restaurants provide gourmets with a fine dining experience. Famous Lebanese designers and international brands provide a luxurious living experience.

Thus it was that the Grand Chapitre’s interesting programme made the stay unforgettable for our international guests.

Setting the scene on the cultural side were visits to the National Museum and the Museum of Minerals - both in Beirut - as well as the citadel in Byblos.

Gastronomy featured prominently too with a visit to Atibaia, a wine domaine in Batroun, a delicious lunch at the Restaurant Liza to discover traditional Lebanese cuisine, or enjoying the delicious fish and seafood at Bab el Bahr. Furthermore, who can forget the dinner and spectacular show at the Beirut Music Hall which opened the programme of events on Friday, April 21st?

The international visitors certainly fell under the spell of the “land of the cedars”. The experience of the event’s rich and varied programme was irresistible. Add in being enchanted by the beauty of the country and the generous welcome, it is no wonder that everyone promised to come back to Lebanon.

Marcelle Nadim
Chargée de Presse