Turkey Weekend
Bailliage of Antalya
Gaziantep, April 28-30, 2017
Experiencing local gastronomy and culture

The Bailliage organized a long weekend trip to Gaziantep renowned for its distinct excellent cuisine. Recognised by UNESCO the city has been added to the organisation’s list of “Creative Cities for Gastronomy”.
Guests flew in from Antalya and Istanbul. A cocktail reception followed by dinner at the Teymur Continental Hotel attended by 35 guests made an excellent start to the weekend.  Local specialties were enjoyed such as içli köfte and ale nazik (bulgur balls filled with seasoned minced meat) and eksili taraklik (savoury lamb cutlets with quince).

Since Gaziantep is the home of baklava in all its delicious varieties, söbiyet and burmali kadayif (multi-flaked pistachio pastry and angel hair pastry with pistachio) were served as a wonderful dessert.

We showed our gratitude to General Manager Hani Mahfouz and his staff for preparing a splendid gastronomical feast.
Breakfast naturally included beyran çorbası, Gaziantep’s delicious lamb-based broth. Afterwards we visited the historic Hamam Museum, as well as the Gastronomy and Zeugma Museums. We walked through the Coppersmith Bazaar where old handicrafts are still practiced and spices and baklava are sold. One can wander around for hours absorbing the wonderful atmosphere amplified by the vibrant colours and working artisans.
It was time then for an early dinner before leaving Gaziantep. We enjoyed a barbecue at Ragip Güzelbey’s farm. A very entertaining host, Ragip was a key figure in arranging this excellent weekend.
On behalf of Bailli Délégué Mohamed Hammam and the National Council of Turkey, I would like to thank Nihat Tümkaya, Bailli of Antalya, and his team for the organisation of this wonderful event.
Vive la Chaîne!
Yves Léon
Chargé de Presse