OMGD Turkey Beer Tasting Dinner
Bailliage of Antalya
Antalya, May 25, 2017
A first for the Bailliage

The Bailliage’s first ever food and beer pairing event took place in the beautiful garden of IC Hotels Green Palace in Kundu, a little way along the coast from the city of Antalya.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsor Türk Tuborg the food was perfectly matched by a selection of local and imported beers. Arda Türkmen, the famous Turkish Television Chef, created the menu which was prepared by the Green Palace’s Chef Ünal Yılmaz and his brigade.

In his introduction, Çağdaş Öngen, Türk Tuborg's Field Training Manager and the first Beer Sommelier in Turkey, observed that some dishes had been selected to contrast while others reinforced the beer flavours.


Smoked stout tartare
Pale Lager

Marinated chicken with honey
Amber Lager

Sausage with mustard

Beef medallion, pumpkin puree, red wine sauce

Chocolate mousse, berries

It was clear from the visible reactions that the members and their guests felt the “beer passion” of the evening’s hosts. Experiences were shared interactively through amusing anecdotes and interesting information.

Bailli Nihat Tümkaya and his Bailliage Council members presented Certificates of Appreciation to Çağdaş Öngen, Chef Arda Türkmen, Ece Ataksoy (from IC Hotels Green Palace) and to Banu Birkan (owner of BPR).

Leonie Kılıç
Vice-Conseiller Culinaire