Italy Grand Chapitre
Turin, May 18-21, 2017
A spectacular four days
" There were 320 people at the Gala Dinner! "

The National Bailliage’s 49th Grand Chapitre was organized with great attention to even the smallest details of the programme for the tourist-cultural events and naturally the gastronomy. Members and guests attended from more than 16 countries worldwide. There were 320 people at the Gala Dinner!

In the prelude to the Gala evening, dining events commenced on Thursday 18th with the traditional Welcoming Dinner which was held at Ristorante Spazio7 with Chef Alessandro Mecca.

On Friday 19th there was a choice of Michelin 1* establishments: either Ristorante Del Cambio or Ristorante Vintage 1997. Saturday lunch was at the Ristorante Primo Turin in the Golden Palace Hotel.

Tourist-cultural activities included guided tours:
- exploring chocolate on foot in Turin city centre
- viewing an exhibition in the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo
- the Savoy Royal residences
- “Classical Turin” on foot
- MAUTO car museum
- the Egyptian Museum

Late afternoon on the Saturday the Induction Ceremony, presided over by Günter Albert, Member of the Conseil d’Administration from Austria, took place in the beautiful chapel of Sant’Uberto. The chapel is in the Venaria Reale, the architectural masterpiece on the outskirts of Turin declared part of the World Heritage by UNESCO in 1997.

After the ceremony the reception was held outdoors with the wonderful view of the park as the backdrop.

The Gala Dinner which followed was held in the palace’s splendid glass floor lounge. The menu was created and prepared by Chef Gabriele Torretto, patron of Ristorante La Valle in Valle Sauglio. What a great culmination this gala evening was especially with its water, light and sound show in front of the palace fountain.

Sunday saw a guided tour entitled “Barolo Wine Land”. The full-day tour followed the Strada del Barolo route through the hills of the wine regions. Visiting several wineries gave the group the opportunity to meet the king of wines at “home” in its area of production. The tour included lunch at the “truffle bistrot” San Maurizio 1619 in San Stefano Belbo.

The excursion was the perfect conclusion to a spectacular four days.

Bailli Délégué Roberto Zanghi said “I sincerely thank my friend Maurizio Giordano, Bailli of Turin, together with members of his Bailliage, for their great commitment in the organization of the Grand Chapitre. It was truly an event which honoured the ideals of the National Bailliage and the Chaîne as a whole.”

Based on an article by
Bruno Peloi, Chancelier