Denmark Celebrity Chef Workshop
Svendborg, June 17, 2017
Tutored by Conseiller Culinaire Claus Holm
" Everyone joined in to get the job done "

Our June event was a workshop tutored by celebrity chef Claus Holm who is the Bailliage’s Conseiller Culinaire.

On arrival a nice glass of rosé was served during the presentation which showed what was to be done during the workshop.

The tasks included quartering two roe deer, preparing mullet for the starters and making ready six superb Danish lobsters. The focus was on preparation rather than presentation therefore served rustically.

The quartering and preparation of the deer went smoothly as there were several hunters present in the kitchen. Everyone joined in to get the job done.

Four venison dishes were made. Accompaniments included barbecued corn, onions, new potatoes, rhubarb and fried chanterelles.

With everything ready the wine tasting could begin. Everyone brought a bottle resulting in good stories being told.

In the selection there were gems such as Bramasole Syrah 2009, Château Lynch-Bages 1966, Domaine Rempart 2000 and a Château La Fleur-Petrus 1982. Everyone was swept away, especially with the exceptional Fleur-Petrus. A Pauillac 1966 was over the edge but fun to try.

Then we sat down and the dishes, prepared by us, came rolling in.

Over coffee we discussed the new and interesting techniques we had learned that would come in useful.

Claus presented everyone with two of his signature books.

We are looking forward to the next workshop in October!

Torben Søemod
Conseiller Gastronomique