OMGD Philippines Dinner
Bailliage of Manila
Manila, May 31, 2017
Tasting of family-style Indian food

The Royal Indian Curry House was the venue for this event based around an informal dinner party at an Indian home. Guests were served a variety of dishes family-style in keeping with the more casual theme.
Standout dishes were:
- Papdi chaat: Indian street food popular since the 12th century
- Nepalese momos: a steamed dumpling stuffed with chicken and spices and served with a sweet chili sauce
- Hyderabadi biryani: one of the stalwarts of the Royal Cuisine of India
- Basmati rice cooked with pieces of mutton and wrapped in puff pastry
Since this was a BYOB event, guests brought their own wines and beer that each felt were best paired with the food. Rieslings, Chardonnays, Pilsners and European lagers were the prominent choices.
The dinner made for a relaxing evening given the restaurant’s more casual and understated atmosphere. Everyone who attended enjoyed the good food and easy-going vibe of the event.

Sanjeeb Gopaldas
Vice-Chargé de Missions