Mexico Day Out
Isla Mujeres, August 12, 2017
Relaxed atmosphere at Na Balam Beach Club
" amazing dishes and a great environment "

Bailliage members and their guests made a day trip to Isla Mujeres, an island in the Caribbean Sea, about 13 kilometres off the Yucatán Peninsula coast.

It was an excellent opportunity for those who are passionate about the culinary arts to show the world how food can be enjoyed in Mexico. Bailli Sergio González Rubiera is one such dedicated enthusiast.

There are numerous places on the island to eat fresh seafood cooked using local and traditional recipes. Other restaurants offer Mexican, Yucatecan, Italian, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Hebrew, French, Thai, Cuban, and Maya cuisine.

The group’s destination on the island was the Na Balam Beach Club. It had been decided that protocol could be relaxed for the day to allow everyone to enjoy the enchantment of the establishment with its wide and spacious privileged beachfront location situated on Playa Norte.

Our host, Giancarlo Giorgio Frigerio “Gifri”, General Manager and the Bailliage’s Vice-Échanson, welcomed everybody with a traditional Mezcal specially brought from Oaxaca.

Bailli Sergio reiterated the reason that Mexican members get together is to share camaraderie, amazing dishes and a great environment. When members from other countries visit Mexico they can rest assured that they will find good food, wine and hospitality.

Vive la Chaîne!

Luis de Potestad
Vice-Chargé de Presse