Indonesia Dinner
Bailliage of South Jakarta
Jakarta, August 15, 2017
Chocolates, cheese and beer!
" It was indeed a magical night "

Our August dinner took a turn away from convention in a surprising and delightful way as the members and their guests celebrated Belgian cuisine in some distinctly non-traditional ways!

Hosting the dinner in his beautiful residence was H.E. Patrick Herman, Ambassador of Belgium to Indonesia. It was a lovely affair! The living room was transformed into an elegant dining room with beautiful candles and floral centrepieces.

For this special occasion, Ambassador Herman personally hand carried the Belgium epicurean cheeses over some 11,000 km distance to generously share with us his country's finest local delicacies. The Chaîne challenged local Chef Petty Elliott to create Flemish-inspired dishes with local ingredients and innovative touches. She did so with flying colours.

Vice-Chancelier/Argentier Fabrice Mini did an excellent “Sommelier” job pairing the roasted tomato soup and the smoky-flavoured snapper with Belgian craft beers. Bold and brave pairings which hit a home run and the crowd loved it!


“Shades of pink and red”
Pickled beetroot, cucumber, apple
goats cheese, spice and almond soil, micro herbs
Château Greteau-Medeville 2014 - Bordeaux Supérieur

“Land and sea”
Roasted tomatoes, paprika, scallops, prawns
lemon grass, basil, cream
Blanche de Namur Bière Blanche

White snapper, leek and bacon sauce
smoked cauliflower puree, snow peas, edible flower
Westmalle, Trappist, Dubbel (Dark)

“Banda spice beef”
Roast beef tenderloin, soya Speculoos
roasted paprika sauce, potatoes
nutmeg croquet, mixed vegetables

“A sweet ending”
Chocolate basil cream, coconut soil, mango sorbet, strawberry coulis
Saint-Estèphe 'Frank Phelan' 2011

During the intermezzo Harry Darsono, our guest of honour who is a celebrated artist and fashion designer, played the piano entertaining us with his rendition of classical songs. It was indeed a magical night!

The evening was all that a Chaîne dinner is meant to be: stylish, fun, outstanding food, great wines (and beers!) and camaraderie. Our thanks go to His Excellency, Chef Petty, Fabrice, and everyone who worked so hard to make this dinner such a success.

Last but not least a heartfelt thank you is very much due to Bailli Provincial Alistair Speirs who orchestrated the festivity and made it so memorable. 

Linda Tan