Hungary Grand Chapitre
Budapest, September 28 - October 1, 2017
Looking ahead in the spirit of Chaîne traditions
" All the teams working in the different venues deserve to have their successes listed "

The Bailliage was honoured to be chosen to host the 2017 International Young Sommeliers Competition.

Holding its 16th Grand Chapitre concurrent with the competition enabled the incorporation of the official announcement of the results at the Gala Awards and Induction evening which also saw the promotion and decoration of members who have made an outstanding contribution to the Chaîne and the initiation of new members.

For a new member the path leading to the initiation celebration is as important as the event itself. The significant period between application and introduction is a time of excited anticipation, learning about the traditions, preparing for the spirit of the solemn occasion and being worthy to take one’s place in the organisation.

Experiencing the diversity of the Chaîne and its international dimensions always leaves a deep impression. Our gratitude goes to the guests who came from all five continents - representing more than 20 countries - honouring the events with their presence and interest.

In recognition of the events International Vice-President Marie Jones said that she was overwhelmed by the many wonderful moments. Inducting Officer Klaus Tritschler, Member of the Conseil d’Administration from Germany, also expressed his satisfaction and appreciation.

The preparation time was a pleasure for the Hungarian organisers. They carried out their tasks in the spirit of the Chaîne, with utmost care, at the highest professional level under the exceptional expert direction of Dr Iván Péter Novák, Bailli Délégué.

We were very gratified to see that Dr Novák was among those who received the highest awards; in recognition of over 20 years of dedicated work he received his “red ribbon” formally confirming his appointment to the Conseil Magistral announced at the Chaîne’s AGM in Strasbourg earlier this year.

All the teams working in the different venues deserve to have their successes listed. However special mention must be made of the Corinthia Hotel Budapest team led by General Manager Jean Pierre Mifsud, Maître Hôtelier, who hosted the Gala event.

Participants in the evening enjoyed lavish hospitality worthy of the royal splendour of the neo-classical building. Executive Chef Péter Bolyki’s sophisticated menu was enhanced by modern plating, innovative serving and a themed ambiance. This experience received a standing ovation.

The special value of Chaîne events is that of a festive occasion with enthusiasts and professionals passionate about the culinary arts. Respect for culture and gastronomy is manifested and warm mutual affections are also present. This Grand Chapitre certainly lived up to this ideal!

Vive la Chaîne!

Iván Novák
Bailli Délégué