Sweden - Fredrik Eriksson
Maître Rôtisseur
Focus on a highly-regarded chef

The culinary adventures of this highly-renowned Swedish chef started early - weeding, picking raspberries, fishing for crayfish, learning to graft apple trees. He had his own garden patch, a dream for today’s chefs. Literally born into his profession and to imagine one without food would be impossible.

Career profile:

- Pilen in Stockholm: a hard school yet fun memories and good knowledge
- Eriks: Sweden’s first fine dining restaurant
- Fjäderholmarna: a unique experience running an island restaurant where he acquired a passion for herring, which is reflected in the brunch menu at Långbro and in the annual Christmas buffet
Villa Källhagen: near Djurgårdsbrunns Canal in Stockholm where guests remember its special atmosphere and the especially good food
- Långbro Värdshus: near his home as he wanted somewhere good to eat! It’s a huge success; a summertime café in the park; residents in the park test the Christmas buffet; Fredrik gives lessons to the residents, who are frequent guests, about fruit, vegetables and other products. “My dream about a modern day inn has worked”, he says.

Fredrik’s food philosophy
Swedish rustic elegance with a twist from France and Italy inspired by his grandmothers and Tore Wretman (father of gastronomy in Sweden and one of the founders of the Bailliage of Sweden). Brought up with four seasons he uses fermented food, herbs and edible flowers from his garden.

His latest restaurant, Asplund in Solna, provides banquets, breakfast, lunch, and brunch catering with tastes from all corners of the world – particularly Asian, Italian and Swedish – in a wonderful mix.

Career highlights
- Committee advisor for world famous Nobel banquet
- Chairman of Sweden’s Chef of the Year Competition
- Prince Carl-Philip as patron
- Chef-in-charge of The Prince and Princess Sofia’s wedding dinner
- Trained school personnel, written cookbooks, Swedish morning TV guest

Jogging is his answer to achieve a well-organised, efficient working schedule which includes meetings galore interspersed by lunchtime and evening in Långbro’s kitchen.

With a deep sense of social responsibility, Fredrik’s fight against waste and sustainability is in his DNA and his producers share his philosophy.

Like his colleagues, he finds kitchen staff a scarce resource. “You have to have harmony in the industry not be cold and harsh like in the old days” he says. In-service training is a good way to create the right atmosphere. There’s a role for everyone. One trainee is autistic yet handles some tasks are easily.

Fredrik’s advice to young chefs: focus on where you work adding challenges rather than moving frequently to add to your CV which doesn’t work long-term.

Still on Fredrik’s “to do” list is the huge renovation of the National Museum in Stockholm with a brand new restaurant opening 2018. Like a jewel in the crown this modern museum will be a great event venue showcasing Fredrik Eriksson’s rustic, elegant, savoury food.

Catarina Offe
Conseiller Culinaire

Photos courtesy of Catarina Offe and Långbro Världshus