Netherlands Lunch
Bailliage of Noord-En-Oost Nederland
Zuidwolde, September 16, 2017
At the Michelin 2-star Restaurant De Groene Lantaarn
" Everything was of high quality and the service was smooth and friendly "

In the eight years since Jarno Eggen and Cindy Borger left the Lindenhof in Giethoorn and started for themselves at the Restaurant De Groene Lantaarn (English: Green Lantern) in Zuidwolde, the Chaîne has been there three times for dinner. This frequency of visit is quite understandable when you learn that they managed to win two Michelin stars within five years.

There were 51 members and guests participating in the lunch. We were greeted with sparkling wine and special amuse-bouches including duck liver in macaroni. Then the following four courses were served:


Calf’s tongue with goose liver
in vinaigrette with ginger and lime
Danielle de l'Ansée Sauvignon 2016 - Loire Valley

Cod with eight weeks’ smoked salmon
red beet, white wine sauce
Domaine Panery Grenache & Syrah 2014 - Languedoc

Regional roast
with cauliflower, mushrooms
roast gravy with pumpkin kernel oil
Bodegas Abadal ‘Pla de blages’
Cabernet franc, Tempranillo & Sumoll 2016 - Spain

Sorrel with chopped haricots
almond cream, basil, crème fraiche and olive oil
Bricco Riella Moscato d'Asti 2016 - Piemonte

Coffee / tea
homemade sweetmeats

Everything was of high quality and the service was smooth and friendly under the guidance of Cindy Borger. After the coffee, the kitchen and service brigades were warmly thanked by the Bailliage officers on behalf of the group and Cindy and Jarno were presented with a commemorative plaque.

It has already been decided that on Sunday, June 10, 2018, the Chaîne will lunch again at the Restaurant De Groene Lantaarn being the concluding event of the Netherlands Grand Chapitre.

Maarten Westerhof