Thailand Dinner
Bailliage of Bangkok
Bangkok, September 9, 2017
Passion for culinary excellence at Biscotti

At the 18th World Gourmet Festival 30 lucky people took part in “World-Class Dining” at Biscotti in the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel. It was an evening just for Chaîne members and guests specially organized by one of our professional members.

The Anantara team wished to deliver an exclusive gastronomic experience under the leadership of the Michelin-starred chefs, the Costardi Brothers, i.e. Christian and Manuel Costardi.

And deliver they did! We were invited to awaken our appetite for indulgence, experience a passion for culinary excellence and creativity like you’ve never seen before.

Who are the Costardi Brothers? They are the chefs of the one Michelin-star Ristorante Christian e Manuel in Italy. At Biscotti they served us traditional Italian cuisine with modern culinary techniques paying homage to rice, the region’s most famous export.

The brothers have created over 20 varieties of award-winning risotto by combining traditional Italian cuisine with modern culinary techniques. Prominent at international events with recognition from major dining guides; judged on Top Chef Italy; ambassadors for Italy from World Week in Chile to the Melbourne Wine Festival and they were cooking for us, the lucky 30.  

After a welcome drink of Prosecco Brut Prego Bisol NV the culinary adventure began.


Potato and salted cod (baccalà)
Pio Cesare L’Altro Chardonnay 2015

Rifu egg, veal katsuobushi, sea urchin
Pio Cesare Barbera d’Alba 2014

Costardi’s tomato rice
Pio Cesare Oltre 2012

‘Cheek to cheek’
Pio Cesare Barolo 2012


Invidia (lit. “Sweet envy”)

It was great to enjoy a warm, memorable evening together with fellow members and their guests. An unbeatable evening for the record in that we shared a one-off experience which brought camaraderie par excellence enhanced by an exclusive gastronomic experience.

Our thanks go to the Anantara team for their organisation and inspiration. Our appreciation goes to the Costardi Brothers for opening our palates to appreciate the culinary excellence they created for us experience.

Arto Artinian
Bailli Délégué