Venezuela Dinner
Colonia Tovar, September 25, 2015
World Chaîne Day celebration at the Hotel Selva Negra
" Right from the start it was clear that there was a very special atmosphere and camaraderie "

The Bailliage of Venezuela participated in the celebration of the World Chaîne Day by staging a dinner with an overnight stay at the Hotel Selva Negra in Colonia Tovar.

Members and their guests arrived on the Friday afternoon to settle into their accommodation. For the reception, cocktails and drinks were served in the hotel’s cosy bar. Right from the start it was clear that there was a very special atmosphere and camaraderie.

At 8.30pm the group was escorted to the dining room where the tables were decorated with lush tropical fruits and flowers.

The hosts, Bailli Délégué Honoraire Wolfgang Gutmann, who is a Member of the Conseil Magistral, together with his son Ronald, Conseiller Culinaire Honoraire, made their welcome speech. They explained the background to the menu and the wines chosen to partner the courses.

During the evening a trio of musicians played Venezuelan evergreens which very much appealed to the participants.

After dessert, the Selva Negra kitchen and service brigades were presented to well-deserved tremendous applause.

With dinner concluded eaux de vie and other spirits were served in the bar until the small hours. It was the perfect end to the special day honouring the Confrérie worldwide.

On Saturday morning a succulent buffet breakfast, with regional and international specialties, awaited the guests to conclude in style this Chaîne event at the Selva Negra.

Long live the Chaîne!

Wolfgang Gutmann, Bailli Délégué Honoraire

Photography by Natalia Brand