OMGD Myanmar Tasting Dinner
Yangon, October 28, 2017
Featuring Bavarian delights

The Bailliage’s second Ordre Mondial (OMGD) event was held at Restaurant Mahlzeit.

In keeping with the principles of the OMGD, it featured wines, beers and crafted beverages, starting with a tasting of Romanian wines organized by the Black Sea Co Ltd which imports them into the country. We were very interested in these hard-to-find wines.

Given the restaurant’s German background, the focus of evening was on original Bavarian beers and locally-produced craft beers by Burbrit, the only local craft brewery, as well as excellent German wines followed by a tasting of three unique German gins.

All this was perfectly paired with food prepared by the dedicated team at Mahlzeit.

The menu presenting German specialities included …

- house-smoked salmon on pumpernickel bread which went well with the new Burbrit “London Porter”

- “Heaven and Earth”, the famous Rhineland dish with blood sausage, complemented by Burbrit “Mandalay Brunette” - a light stout beer.

- veal tartare on crispy sourdough bread which was nourished by the richness of a Frankfurt Aeppelwoi (Apple Wine) specialty of the Hesse region.

- pear, beans and bacon … a classic dish from the Cologne area was served together with the first apple cider made in Myanmar by the Burbrit Brewery.

Markus Molitor’s famous Riesling, Pinot Noir and Riesling from the Maybach Winery followed by an NYX Palatinate red wine completed this first part of the evening.

We highly appreciated the Duke Munich Dry Gin, Mom Gin and Siegfried Rheinland Dry Gin which motivated a discussion as which was the best of them!

Finally, a whisky tasting, guided by expert whisky connoisseur James Erskine, perfectly completed this unique evening.

Magnus Scherr
Chargé des Missions