Turkey Dinner
Bailliage of Antalya
Belek, October 28, 2017
After a long summer break

For our first dinner of the season we returned to the Calista Luxury Resort for the third event hosted at the establishment. For the previous two dinners Chef Sercan Erdoğan had only been one of the brigade members but this time he made his debut as the Calista’s Executive Chef.

After a summer break re-joining with old friends always results in an energized atmosphere. To this group of “old friends” at least 14 new members have been warmly welcomed to our Bailliage this year.

Bailli Nihat Tümkaya welcomed members, their guests and introduced the new members. Chef Erdoğan presented the menu. Food and Beverage Manager Can Yörük introduced the Turkish wines which he had specially selected to partner the courses.


Jumbo shrimp and crab combination
Likya Arykanda Sauvignon Blanc 2106

Salmon fillet marinated with fresh mint, cashew nuts
Selendi Gülpembe Rosé 2016

Mixed green salad
Bacardi-flavoured dried fruits, blueberry sauce
Selendi Gülpembe Rosé 2016

Thyme-flavoured lamb fillet, oyster mushroom sauce
Sarafin Merlot 2016

Mojito sorbet

Beef tenderloin with Camembert sauce
Likya Vineyards Malbec 2015

Coffee mousse
bitter almonds, raspberry, redcurrants

Sheridan's “Chocolate Tree”
a handmade chocolate symphony presentation

The event was held on the eve of Turkey’s Republic Day. Accordingly, at the end of the evening, the kitchen and service brigades waved Turkish flags to the rhythm of a special national song. It was a spectacular ending to a lovely evening.

General Manager Ali Kizildağ thanked his team for their efforts: “I am proud to be the Manager of a great group of enthusiastic people and grateful for the Bailliage of Antalya for its trust in us and our long-lasting friendship. I always look forward to spending time with guests like you who appreciate the hard work and detail. The Chaîne will always be more than welcome at Calista and I look forward to our next event together.”

Leoni Kiliç
Vice-Conseiller Culinaire