India Dinner
Bailliage of Bangalore
Bengaluru, November 11, 2017
A regal soirée at the Fairfield by Marriott

Maître Hôtelier Gaurav Singh and his team, including Chef Sudhir Nair, pulled off a culinary coup de grace by laying out a feast fit for Kings and Queens at this event held at the Fairfield by Marriott Bengaluru Outer Ring Road.

A stunning array of carefully-created ancient delights from the traditional menus of the royal houses of the Nawabs of Mahmudabad, the Wodeyars dynasty of Mysore and the royal Sailana dynasty of Madhya Pradesh were laid before us.

Exotic dishes were offered: from quail and rabbit to whole roasted leg of lamb, redolent in rich spices and topped with edible silver (varq) made using historic culinary techniques.

Dishes such as chandi ki daal (lentils cooked with varq, which was believed to have healing properties) and laab-e-mashooq (literally “lips of your lover”), a deliciously airy confection of whipped cream and yogurt, were also among the delicacies.

Members, dressed in rich silks and chiffons mirroring royal traditions of yore, moved from one counter to the next, tasting and enjoying the rare and wonderful repast.

Everyone headed to the terrace bar for champagne and cognac to conclude what was a splendid evening.

Ruma Singh
Chargée de Presse