Guadeloupe Chapitre
Saint-François, November 25, 2017
A wonderful evening celebrating gastronomy and friendship

Fine food lovers, inquiring minds intrigued by sophisticated still or sparkling wines and those with taste buds keen to try new flavours all came together at the “Villa Eden”, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, to share this wonderful evening celebrating gastronomy and friendship.

Fifteen new members were inducted into the Chaîne, four Silver and one Bronze medals were awarded and twelve Ordre Mondial members were welcomed into our ranks: the Bailliage is maturing like a fine wine!

Aromas and colours characteristic from Guadeloupe and others from further afield were carefully combined with Creole spices (turmeric and basil) to create a wonderful menu.

All those keen on discovering new flavours were delighted by the braised conch, red lobster medallions, green papaya, chayote, mouloungkilè (moringa) sorbet and the intense smoothness of cocoa.

Bailli Délégué Richard Chaville and the Inducting Officer, Benoît Fragnière, Member of the Conseil d’Administration who had come from Switzerland, got back to the grindstone again the next day, for a working lunch.

On the agenda for a richer than ever programme of events being the result of a concerted team effort three years away from the celebration of our 50th anniversary, were:
- the creation of a new Bailliage in 2018
- World Chaîne Day in April
- events celebrating the 40th Route du Rhum
- a competition for waiters and waitresses.

Thanks to the modesty of its Bailli Délégué, the future of the Bailliage of Guadeloupe seems to shine as brightly as our island’s sunshine. Just as incredibly rare and precious as saffron stamens, could this modesty be the secret of our Bailliage’s longevity?

Micheline Mounsamy