Hungary Festive Dinner
Budapest, December 2, 2017
Blissful end to a successful, strong year
" The final event of the year in Hungary was characterised by the colour red "

With the approach of the year end there are always more and more opportunities to celebrate, pay tribute to culinary art and share a festive table with friends just like we do throughout the world in the spirit of the Chaîne.

The final event of the year in Hungary was characterised by the colour red. Not only as a symbol of love, passion and fire but also evoking Father Christmas with his red costume and white beard.

A few years ago, preserving its mellow atmosphere, one of Budapest’s most beautiful eclectic Italian renaissance buildings was given a new lease of life by the Italian Boscolo Group. The white and red salons of the Boscolo Hotel, previously known as New York Palace, hosted this special event. Entering through the Coffee House, the heart of the hotel, we reached the salons which radiate the charm of the “Belle Époque”.

András Wolf, the Boscolo’s acclaimed Executive Chef, impressed us with his festive menu. The highly creative, sophisticated dishes presented a modern interpretation of traditional elements to give a true Boscolo taste experience.

In a special flourish of virtuosity, the colour red appeared not only in the interior décor and the outfits of the elegant guests, but also in the imaginative menu. Marinated tuna with beetroot, cream of paprika soup, blood orange sorbet, raspberry mousse, to mention only a few of the red touches. The five courses were accompanied by carefully-selected rosé and red wines.

One of the memorable parts of the excellently organised evening was the surprise competition held between tables: a blind tasting of various spirits. The first prize was a bottle of champagne. The excitement of the game and support for fellow team members provided much merriment. In the end there was not just one winner. We all won an enjoyable evening.

The end of the year is always a good opportunity to express heartfelt recognition of those who help in the background, to extend our thanks, share in the joy of being members of such a wonderful world organisation and enthusiastically carry our successes into the coming year.

We wish Chaîne members all over the world a very Happy New Year 2018!

Vive la Chaîne!

Iván Novák
Bailli Délégué