Monaco Dinner
November 25, 2017
Celebrating mushrooms
" a successful trial run for the Aurore restaurant! "

The first dinner in Monaco City, near the Palais Princier, was a successful trial run for the Restaurant l'Aurore!

Bailli Délégué Gérard Canarie was delighted to catch up with members down this little side street in Monaco, taking over a venue as popular as Le Rocher (The Rock) itself.

It has to be said that the warmth, simplicity and professionalism of the manager, Enrico Moro, and his team did credit to this destination, one of Monaco’s hot spots!

The evening was a celebration of mushrooms, a theme that ran through the delicious dishes served by the chef, Luca Littardi.

After an aperitif of Bellini des Rôtisseurs and Monaco canapés, dinner began with a carpaccio of ceps on a beef tartare.

An Italian touch was added to the menu with a creamy cep and marrow risotto, followed by a sea bream loin served with ceps and vegetables.

The chef then treated us to some delicious gorgonzola that was so soft it was eaten with a spoon, as well as a delicious autumnal dessert, called “Millefeuille à la coque épineuse” (literally, Millefeuille with a prickly shell).

Italian wines Franciacorta and Chianti delighted the guests’ taste buds.

Gérard Canarie
Bailli Délégué