Italy Grand Chapitre 2018
Rome, April 12-15, 2018
Celebration in the Eternal City

Dear Friends

This spring we will be celebrating the 50th Grand Chapitre of our National Bailliage. And where better than Rome to mark such a significant milestone!

Rome: The Eternal City … for those who have visited it, unquestionably the most magnificent city in the world. Like the memory of a lost love, Rome will haunt you, stealing your senses one by one and hastening your return. For those who have not yet experienced its magic, the thrill awaits.

As an entire lifetime is not enough to know it fully, a few words can hardly describe Rome, so we look forward to seeing you in person to explore the city for your first time or to deepen your knowledge of it, all the while sharing in the programme of events for the Golden Jubilee Grand Chapitre.

Click this link to download the full details including how to book: programme & booking form

It will be a memorable event, an exceptional opportunity to meet up in the context of art, culture, tourism, fine food and wine.

Looking forward to seeing you there but, remember, book early to avoid disappointment as we are already aware that demand is high for the available places!

Roberto Zanghi
Bailli Délégué