Mexico 50th Anniversary Grand Chapitre (2)
Puerto Vallarta, December 1-3, 2017
Celebrating the Golden Jubilee in style - Part 2


After three days of celebrations centred on Mexico City and Cuernavaca, on December 1st the party moved to Puerto Vallarta, the home of our Bailli Délégué. Once settled in at the Vidanta Resort, members and guests were taken by catamaran an hour along the coast to witness a “Rhythms of the Night” show and enjoy a casual dinner by the sea. Infectious music ensured a lot of fun was had by all.

Saturday, December 2nd saw a guided tour showing off the beauty of Puerto Vallarta. It was most ably led by Ceci Rupprechter, wife of the local Bailli. After the excitement of the previous evening, the rest of the day was left free. A cocktail reception and dinner at the host Vidanta Resort completed the day.


Oyster on a bed of sea salt
green apple, shrimp on corn toast
Alto Adige Bianco

Cucumber cannelloni
filled with clams and tuna vinaigrette

Escalope of foie gras with Port sauce
lentil salad, sun-dried tomato
Château Barreyres, Haut-Médoc cru bourgeois

Cod fish with roasted “fake” skin
cauliflower and peas

Château Barreyres, Haut-Médoc cru bourgeois

Pastry Chef Thierry Beuffe’s fantasy Huichol dessert

The service brigade, with the precise discipline of a professional army regiment, added to the scene when they presented and cleared the courses in unison. All the while a splendid sound and light show was happening across the lake.

Vive la Chaîne!

Hector Pèrez


Sunday, December 3rd, brought the culmination of the six days celebrating the Bailliage’s Golden Jubilee.

Bailli Délégué Thierry Blouet welcomed everyone to his Café des Artistes restaurant. Every event has its own personality. Where the “Rhythms of the Night” evening was totally visual, Chef Thierry dedicated this closing event to flavours that made the guests’ hearts “smile”.


Liver terrine with smoked eel
mango jelly, passion fruit, fried onions
Champagne Veuve Clicquot NV

Warm tomato risotto
truffle, corn, and tomatoes: fresh, confit and fried
Decoy Chardonnay, Sonoma Valley

Cod fish
vegetable chips, artichoke mousseline, fennel
Parmesan emulsion
Decoy Chardonnay, Sonoma Valley

Suckling lamb: crunchy shoulder, pistachioed chop
peas with fried chili
beans in vinaigrette, onions, mint
Beringer ‘Knights Valley’ Cabernet Sauvignon
Sonoma County

Chocolate profiterole, berries
intense chocolate mousse, chocolate Chantilly
Johnnie Walker ‘Green Label’ Whisky

Music formed an integral part of the evening. From the wonderful harpist playing at the reception to the violinist who visited every table to play songs chosen by the guests, the culmination naturally was the Mexican marichi music escorting the dessert into the room.

With the dinners service concluded, Chef Lara Castellòn and the kitchen and service brigades received rapturous applause from the entire room.

Moving on to the acknowledgements of the Chaîne officers, these were numerous which was not surprising after such a wonderful evening bringing a week-long programme to an end.

First and foremost warm appreciation was expressed to our guest of honour, International Vice-President Marie Jones. Bailli Délégué led this with a personal “thank you” to Marie for visiting our country and enthusiastically participating in all the events that she at some point had described as a “great culinary marathon”!

The appreciation continued on to Bailli Délégué Thierry Blouet himself and his wife, Rosa, as well as to Bailli Andreas Rupprechter and his wife, Ceci. Special thanks were given to Pilar Roth, recently-promoted as Chargée de Missions in acknowledgement of all her “Girl Friday” behind the scenes organisation.

Last but not least, founder Bailli Délégué Jean Berthelot was once again acclaimed.

Vive la Chaîne!

Pilar Roth
Chargée de Missions

[Ed. See the separate “Part 1” article for the celebrations which commenced the programme in Mexico City and Cuernavaca]