Singapore Dinner
November 19, 2017
The Non-Professionals Dinner
" 7,000 live oysters freshly flown in "

The event is named as a testament to our Bailliage’s deep respect for the culinary profession.  On 11 occasions each year we dine and rejoice in our Professional members’ customized events for the Chaîne. Our Professional members stop at nothing to provide over-the-top hospitality and sacrifices from their larders.

This twelfth monthly event in our programme each year is the one day on which the Non-Professionals reciprocate with the spirit and camaraderie of the Chaîne.

On the day of the dinner, the group of 25 men, half of whom are Non-professional members, led by the other half that are (thankfully!) Professionals, gathered at the Fairmont Singapore on Bras Basah Road for an 8am start.

Shucking Oysters, slicing and trimming the herbs and mutton for the Kambing soup, our group of “forced labour” was diligent, yet unpaid. Hydration and nutrition came in the form of champagne and rations to sustain the workforce through the five-hour work period. Uniquely, this is the Bailliage of Singapore’s approach to subduing mutiny in the ranks.

Quick facts: 7,000 live oysters freshly flown in; 400 diners; Kambing soup recipe dating from the 1980s; 20 live stations of food and endless rows of desserts.

The oyster varieties comprised:
- Gillardeau #1
- Spéciale Creuse #1
- Fine de Claire #1
- Tsarskaya #1
- Mont St Michel Spéciale #1
- Dutch Pacific #3
- Irish Premium
- US Pacific
- US Kumamoto
- Tasmanian, Australia
- Coffin Bay, Australia
- US Totem Beach
- US Sunset Beach

The signature oyster theme attracts the largest attendance of Chaîne members and guests. Celebrating an unbroken tradition for over 25 years, it is the ultimate appreciation of spectacular bivalves from around the world.

We look forward to welcoming Chaîne members from all countries to the next Non-Professionals dinner in November 2018.

Cheong Chung Kin
Chargé de Presse