Italy Inaugural Dinner
Bailliage of Toscana Francigena
Artimino, December 9, 2017
Italian style exalted at Villa Medicea la Ferdinanza
" in the Villa is the first roasting spit designed by the great Leonardo da Vinci "

It was at the splendid Villa Medicea La Ferdinanda in the Tuscany town of Artimino that the Bailliage of Toscana Francigena was inaugurated in finest Italian style with an event themed “Chaîne Rouge”.

The Villa is part of the rare beauty in the heart of Tuscany that is the Tenuta di Artimino, belonging to the Olmo family since the Eighties and a UNESCO heritage site.

In the presence of Member of the Conseil Magistral and Bailli Délégué Roberto Zanghi, Giovanna Elettra Livreri, Bailli of the newly-created Bailliage, opened the inaugural evening which had been hosted by Maître Hôtelier Annabella Pascale of the Hotel “La Paggeria” in Artimino.

Giovanna is a lawyer and Director General of the prestigious “CC-ICRD” chamber of commerce linking Italy, the Caribbean and Latin America.

For this inaugural event she wanted to present the Bailliage in a fairytale world, interpreting in a modern way the philosophy of Chaîne to construct a new Renaissance, seamlessly mixing the world of food with that of fashion.

The occasion was also attended by the Enrico Spallazzi, Bailli of Venice, and Stefano Pistorozzi, Bailli of Florence. New members were introduced, for example, the Marquis Giuseppe Ferrajoli, Eugenio Virgillito (President of Amitié sans frontières d’Italie), Count Domenico Savini, Count Guido Anzilotti D’Uzzano, Countess Katia Ferri Melzi D'Eril, together with other senior and young members of the Bailliage.

The event was organized by Vice-Chargée de Missions Cristina Vittoria Egger of the Royal Family of Savoy. She proposed the “Chaîne Rouge” theme in order to bring together Italian fashion style and authentic Tuscany food in a magical setting.

Executive Chef Michela Bottasso, Maître Rôtisseur, united poetry with a synergy of image and taste to create a masterful dinner. Clearly Michela is a professional who lives in harmony with the nature which surrounds her. She uses her kitchen as an instrument of art, uniting many elements to achieve perfection of presentation and taste.

One very important aspect for the experienced Chaîne members was that in the Villa is the first roasting spit designed by the great Leonardo da Vinci. What a fantastic thing to behold!!

Last but not least, there was the fashion. Dario Biglino, fashion designer for Avaro Figlio, imagined a garden of petal women who bloom in an awakening of sensuality. During the show we were entertained by a harmonious synchronism of movement, like a flower that blossoms. Fabi Shoes, Avaro Figlio, Virage by Lonville, Berg jewels were presented during the evening.

Giovanna Elettra Livreri