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A timeless journey in the sky
Four of the hotel's senior management are Chaîne members

At the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong pure luxury among the clouds awaits you on the 102nd floor. For as the doors open and your eyes alight on a stunning ceiling mural, it is clear that one of the most distinctive five star hotels in the Tsim Sha Tsui area is an elevated luxury experience.

The 360-degree views alone will take your breath away. All 312 guest rooms offer spectacular city and harbour views and the hotel’s six dining venues include a Michelin 2-star Chinese restaurant, a Michelin 1-star Italian restaurant and the stunning rooftop bar, Ozone, which sits at 490 metres above sea level.

Four of the hotel’s senior management are members of the Chaîne.

Pierre Perusset, Vice-Chancelier Honoraire, General Manager
Pierre is proud of the high occupancy and exceptional financial performance the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong has maintained in recent years. Average occupancy has been running at 85% since 2013.

The hotel has also been recognised by global talent solutions firm, Aon Hewitt, as one of the ‘Best Employers - Hong Kong 2016,’ and ‘Best Employer for Generation Y’ for the third consecutive year.

“I’m proud to have a team of service experts, our Ladies and Gentlemen, who are the heart and soul of the hotel, creating unique and memorable experiences through the genuine care they demonstrate and the passion they bring to work every day.”

Peter Find, Chargé de Missions, Executive Chef
“I enjoy sharing knowledge with my team and nurturing the talents of the next-generation chefs.”

Peter is delighted with the international recognition secured by the hotel’s dining outlets: Michelin stars for the Tin Lung Heen Chinese restaurant and Tosca Italian restaurant and the Forbes Four-Star Award.

Chef’s Table has also been a great success in terms of business and media attention since the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong first opened.

Paul Lau, Maître Rôtisseur, Chef
Paul is also enthusiastic about the achievements of the dining venues, saying that leading the Tin Lung Heen team to garner two Michelin Stars and keep this prestigious rating to the present day is one of his biggest contributions since he joined the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong.

“Even though I set very high standards for myself, it may not be easy to impose the same standards on my team members. Therefore, being able to lead a team where every member is striving for the same goal, which is to uphold the highest standards of Cantonese cuisine, is one of my biggest successes.”

Matthias Terrettaz, Maître Hôtelier, Hotel Manager
Matthias says what he likes most about being part of the team at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong is that everyone is working towards the same goal, but at the same time his individual role gives him plenty of freedom to innovate. This is evident in the creative food and beverage promotions he has initiated.

Recognising the enduring popularity of afternoon tea in Hong Kong, Matthias worked in collaboration with high-end Italian brands to design and introduce a series of themed afternoon teas at Tosca.

To capture the potential for dinner business and food revenue at Ozone he introduced two themes: ‘Wacky Maki Wednesday’ and ‘Rafa’s Private Kitchen’. They highlight enticing and beautifully arranged delicacies prepared by Brazilian-born Chef de Cuisine Rafael Gil.

Amanda Roberts
Publishing Editor, Revue internationale de la Chaîne

All photos (c) Ritz Carlton Hong Kong


From top to bottom [all photos (c) Ritz Carlton Hong Kong]
1. General Manager Pierre Perusset, Vice-Chancelier Honoraire
2. Executive Chef Peter Find, Chargé de Missions
3. The Ritz Carlton Hotel
4. Chef Paul Lau, Maître Rôtisseur
5. Hotel Manager Matthias Terrettaz, Maître Hôtelier