Australia Chapitre
Bailliage of Sunshine Coast
Noosaville (Queensland), November 18, 2017
Stunning view, fine food and wines too!

Noosa Waterfront Restaurant & Bar is now under the talented, passionate ownership of Australia’s newest Bailli, Andrea Ravezzani. He officially took ownership in May 2017 having managed the establishment for several months beforehand.

Not surprising given Andrea’s extensive culinary experience gained in Italy and beyond, the new menu at Noosa Waterfront Restaurant & Bar is distinctively Italian with a focus on local produce.

At the Induction Ceremony presided over by Norm Harrison, Member of the Conseil Magistral and Bailli Délégué of Australia, 28 members were inducted or promoted.

After a “sparkling” reception with exciting canapés, the elaborate three courses for the celebratory dinner continued to demonstrate Andrea’s outstanding skills.


Duck breast
macadamia soil, orange, beetroot

Veal tenderloin dusted in carbon
celeriac puree, local oyster mushrooms
edible stone, mushroom soil, green tea

Louis XV
roasted hazelnut, Venezuela chocolate

Situated beside the River Noosa and surrounded by magnificent Moreton Bay Fig Trees, the restaurant was a perfect location for this Chapitre. It will be remembered not only because of the stunning view, but also for the fine food, wines, service and warm atmosphere.

Norm Harrison
Bailli Délégué