Kuwait Dinner
Kuwait City, January 20, 2018
Traditional Romanian dinner at the Ambassador's residence

Our first event in 2018 was held at the residence of His Excellency the Ambassador for Romania where we were treated to a traditional Romanian dinner.

Chef Frank of the Sheraton created this distinctive culinary experience in co-operation with Mrs Tanase, the Ambassador’s wife. It was a real privilege to taste this authentic Romanian cuisine.

Romania’s traditional cookery has been influenced by many different cultures - Greek, Roman, Saxon, Turkish, Slav and Magyar. The result found its way to our plates in an eye-catching and gastronomic menu.

The majestic start was trout fillet and caviar with smoked Balik salmon marinated in spiced 18 carat gold powder. It is to be considered the best smoked salmon in the world, tracing its roots back to Imperial Russia.

Savouring exquisite flavours of Romania continued with the famous, delectable borscht - a beetroot soup with beef followed by corn-fed chicken atop tomato coulis. Very characteristic for this time of the year were Sarmale cabbage rolls and polenta.

For the grand finale of this distinctive culinary experience we were regaled with delightful walnut ice-cream and sweet cottage cheese doughnut rolls which certainly exceeded expectations.

Our distinguished members enjoyed a unique Romanian dining experience with impeccable service which made for an incomparable and delightful gourmet evening.

Soumaya El Azem
Chargée de Missions