Sweden Dinner
Bailliage of Stockholm
Stockholm, December 11, 2017
A Nobel evening

The official annual Nobel Banquet, which was attended this year by 1,300 guests, took place in Stockholm City Hall on December 10th. Guests included the new Nobel Prize Laureates, members of Sweden’s Royal Family and Government representatives together with many invited dignitaries and guests.

The event is broadcast live on television. The city of Stockholm takes the opportunity to boast about Nobel everywhere. Until the moment of the banquet the menu is a well-kept secret. It is always designed by the best chefs using ingredients from all over Sweden and indeed Scandinavia.

On the following day it is however possible to order the previous evening’s banquet menu at Restaurant Stadshuskällaren, a Chaîne establishment. The restaurant is a part of Stockholm City Hall and is responsible for the official event every year.

For many years the Bailliage of Stockholm has made it a tradition to organize a Chaîne Nobel Dinner the day after the big one. As for the official event, the date is the same every year, December 11th. Such is the popularity the number of members and guests has been increasing each year.

Both the menu and wines are exactly the same as the evening before. All is orchestrated by some of the Nobel chefs and staff present at the Nobel Banquet. In addition the beautiful Nobel Banquet ware and the elegant glasses designed by Gunnar Cyrén are used.

This year an invitation through the Chaîne News On-line website made it possible for the Bailliage to welcome international guests from Denmark, France USA, Great Britain, Turkey and the USA. Together with Swedish members and guests, the dinner was attended by 70 participants.

The Chaîne Nobel Dinner will live on for sure. Reservations have already been made for 2018. The Bailliage of Stockholm invites all members to join us celebrating this iconic event. Looking forward to seeing you on December 11th!

Carl Wachtmeister
Bailli Délégué