Spain Cookery Masterclass for children
Bailliage of Madrid
Madrid, February 24, 2018
A smile on a child's face is priceless
" It was unanimously agreed that we would do it again "

In collaboration with Alicia Gómez and Chef Gestión the Bailliage of Madrid organized a Rice Cookery Masterclass for eight children (aged between 7 and 12 years). As a result we had the opportunity to enjoy a day that is going to stay in our minds for a long time.

The children were tutored by Chef Miguel Ángel Mateos Robles, newly-joined as a Chaîne member, in the preparation, for the first time ever in their young lives, of a rice and vegetable paella. Their little faces said it all!

We are very grateful to the following Spanish brands that generously provided their products for the event:

- Yo, Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil - at the end the children could take home their little bottle of oil courtesy of the brand.
- Don Finardo Wines - whose vinous delights made the wait for adults more agreeable.
- Delizum Juices - pineapple in fact to relieve the thirst of our little chefs.
- Fuerza y Emoción toasts such as “La Regaña de Don Pelayo” or “El Garbo de Cristal”.

Apart from the rice, which was the highlight of the day, our chef prepared several delicacies for the occasion:

- Omelette
- Ham croquette
- Foie cream with orange syrup
- Cream cheese with passion fruit jelly
- Beetroot gazpacho
- Squid rings
- Goat’s cheese truffles with chopped almonds
- Bloody Mary with cockles

In the end we did not know how to decide which was the best paella so the winner’s diploma was multiplied by eight allowing each “mini-chef” to go home victorious. Furthermore they were presented with a trophy from the Menudos Corazones Foundation, which has the support of the Bailliage of Spain in the great work they do with children with congenital heart disease and their families.

It was unanimously agreed that we would do it again although agreement was not reached on what they wanted to cook. One wanted pizza, another wanted to learn how to make croquettes and there was someone who said “sirloin of beef Wellington” - very adventurous!

This generation of “mini-chefs” is eager to learn, so for sure the event will be repeated if only because seeing a smile on a child's face is priceless.

Vive la Chaîne!

Abel González
Chargé de Missions