Slovenia Dinner
Komenda, February 16, 2018
Gluten-free dining at Gostilna Cubr
" Meeting friends and sharing exquisite food and drink with them is an unforgettable opportunity "

On a very cold Friday evening we gathered for dinner at the Gostilan Čubr (Čubr Inn). Let me emphasize that we were not just happy with this our 10th dinner at the establishment but very enthusiastic!

The origin of the inn’s name Čubr goes back to 1754. The owners changed a few times until the inn was bought by Alojzij Zorman and Ivana Novak in 1934. They had two daughters. The eldest, Ivana, married Adolf Potočnik in 1954 and they continued with the catering business. Ivana and Adolf had three children: Ivica, Marta and Miha. All three children brought them a lot of joy and also a lot of help in the family business!

Since 1990 the family tradition is being continued by Miha, the youngest of the three. He married Anita in 1993 and today they continue to fulfil the most challenging gastronomic wishes.

The challenge set for our dinner was to present eight gluten-free courses to the members and their guests.


Adriatic sole with Sirk's vinegar sorbet
orange foam, pomegranate, watercress, chicory
Blazič Rebula 2016 - Brda

Veal with fried potatoes
horseradish mayonnaise, young spinach 
Boris Kristančič Pinot Blanc 2015 - Brda

Trompette de la mort mushroom soup
with grains of popcorn

Polenta with scallop and fresh black truffle
Kupljen Loona 2016 (magnum) - Slovenian Styria

Styrian rabbit
fried sage, aged Pustotnik cheese, corn noodles
Movia Pinot Noir 2010

Sorbet laced with Slovenian vodka

black walnuts, red cabbage cream
mashed roots, fried butter
Guerilla Tabu 2009 (magnum) - Vipava Valley

Dried raspberries
homemade raspberry ice cream, raspberry sauce
Contadi Castaldi ‘Pinodisé’ vino liquoroso 16.5%
Franciacorta – Brescia (Lombardy, Italy)


Meeting friends and sharing exquisite food and drink with them is an unforgettable opportunity. The Čubr kitchen and service brigades presented us with an exceptional taste experience, very much in the inn’s traditions.

I have often asked myself what is the formula for success in this establishment?

The answer is interrelated ingredients showing a respect for the house tradition and all under the personal supervision of the Potočnik family - Miha with his extremely innovative and creative cooking, his wife Anita excellent and attentive with the service, not forgetting the next generation in the person of their son Luka, a talented young chef.

Prof Dr Janez Bogataj
Conseiller Gastronomique