Netherlands Dinner
Bailliage of Noord-En-Oost Nederland
De Lutte, February 17, 2018
Twente - a rich land full of life

In collaboration with Sous-Chef Michel Oude Booijink in the kitchen at the Landhuishotel de Bloemenbeek and Maître d’ Sofien Oueslati front of house, the Bailliage organised this dinner to celebrate Michel’s Runner-up placing in the 2017 International Final of the Chaîne’s Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition.

Prior to this, Hotelier & Restaurateur Raymond Strikker took us on a tour to become better acquainted with the beautiful region of the Netherlands that is Twente, also called the “Landgoed van Nederland” (lit. estate of the Netherlands).

The tour included an exclusive and special visit to BOERgondisch 'Erve Elferman' in Beuningen. Our hosts, Harry & Suze Boomkamp, showed us around one of the oldest farms in Twente under the motto “Real meat does not come from the butcher, but from the cow”. Erve Elferman produces tasty, pure and honest products from natural beef. It is the only company which has a certification in respect of the breeding, keeping and feeding of the animals as well as its own butcher's shop.

Concluding the visit there was a mini tasting with, among other things, a nice glass of broth and a ragout from Limousin beef. We then left for the Landhuishotel de Bloemenbeek.

At the reception, amuses-bouches were accompanied by a local fizz: De Hakenberg Vineyard Johanniter Brut.

Featured on the dinner menu were two fish dishes, namely mackerel with North Sea crab and Skrei cod fillet with oxtail, wild spinach and sambai vinaigrette. Both were part of the award-winning menu prepared by Michel Oude Booijink during the 2017 Competition in Frankfurt.

For the meat courses, breast of duck with fried duck liver, Pink Lady apple and Calvados sauce preceded the Dunkeldal beef with organic vegetables from the Singraven Estate and gravy from earthy herbs.

The dessert by Sebastiaan Schreuder came from the 2018 National Final of the Jeunes Chefs Competition in Amsterdam. It combined blood orange and cremeux of hazelnut with structures of blood orange and farm-produced yoghurt sorbet.

All in all it was a wonderful day, especially for at last having the opportunity to fête our highly-accomplished young chefs.

Maarten Westerhof