China Dinner
Bailliage of Chongqing
Chongqing, March 3, 2018
Chinese New Year celebrated with JP Chenet wines
" we were seated in a circular fashion in HOME's open yet intimately cosy atmosphere "

The Lunar Year of the Dog was heralded by the Bailliage with a French-styled event at the newly-opened HOME Restaurant in the Jiangbei District of Chongqing.

“This dinner marks the first of many dining experiences for Chongqing members this 2018”, enthused Bailli Dominik Widmer as he raised his glass of JP Chenet sparkling wine to 30 members and their guests present.

Six different JP Chenet sparkling wines were served. Inspired by the fruity flavours of these aromatic sparkling wines, Chef Jason Jaesang Kim created seven outstanding fusion dishes to delight our palates and to complement the smooth, easy-to-drink taste of each bubbly.

Fused flavours of the East and West were in harmony. As Chongqing is a land-locked city, flanked by two rivers, fresh seafood is not readily available our menu was remarkable.

At the reception, traditional Korean delicacies were enjoyed as we raised a glass to the New Year:
- Tteok Galbi, a typical Korean bulgogi beef favourite served with black truffle paste and toasted pine nuts 
- Haemul Pajeon, cleverly harmonized with seafood and green onion
- Dashi-infused sea scallop, sweet chili fluid, pepper sauce, sesame-soy pearls.

For dinner we were seated in a circular fashion in HOME’s open yet intimately cosy atmosphere.


Gillardeau oyster dome on the half-shell
sea urchin aioli, cucumber snow, pickled asparagus, caviar
JP Chenet ‘Ice Edition’ Blanc

Spiced infused pâté de foie gras
raspberry gastrique, savoury cherry compote
liver meringue, truffle chips, dark chocolate ganache
JP Chenet ‘Fashion’ Strawberry and Raspberry sparkling wine

Salmon bouillabaisse
orange and beetroot-cured salmon gravlax
butter poached Boston lobster

Asian-inspired lemongrass sorbet
kaffir lime, mango and plum salsa

Australian ‘Black’ Wagyu tenderloin
rose potato rösti, purple cauliflower puree
kohlrabi and apple remoulade
JP Chenet ‘Fashion’ Cassis

Xinjiang red dates cake
birds’ nest pudding, ginger ice-cream

What a menu - sweet savoury tastes, complementing wines, feasts for the eyes, sweet treats concocted!

Still savouring the fusions of tastes guests intermingled over coffee or tea and a Cuban cigar.

Vive la Chaîne! Vive le Bailliage of Chongqing!

Constance Chew
Dame de la Chaîne