Hungary Afternoon Tea
Budapest, March 8, 2018
Women: famous, beautiful, eternal

Bringing together elegance of tradition and modern luxury, the Bailliage’s attentive gentlemen members not only greeted spring but also gallantly expressed their appreciation and respect for women.

The ladies of Chaîne were invited to an International Women’s Day afternoon tea full of surprise. The epitome of refined elegance, the Ritz-Carlton luxury hotel in the heart of Budapest was the perfect choice of venue. 

For over a century March 8th has been celebrated as International Women’s Day. The intention of the founders was to create a day for women who would shape history. Mission accomplished as the day is now recognised by the United Nations*.

It would be a misapprehension to think that an afternoon tea is not an occasion for culinary experience. The Ritz-Carlton Budapest’s Canadian-born executive chef Matthew Piercy and his team delighted with exquisite delicacies.

Chef Piercy, inspired by the flavours of Hungarian cuisine, expertly applied traditional approaches to offer innovative culinary treasures: sweet, salty amuses-bouches served with champagne and carefully brewed craft teas.

As the emblem combining a lion and crown designed long ago by César Ritz indicates, the Ritz-Carlton remains a byword for sublime elegance. The Cupola Lounge is an iconic part of the Ritz-Carlton’s late Art Nouveau building. The giant circular stained-glass cupola, designed by Móric Pogány in the early 20th century, soars like a colourful mandala, creating a special atmosphere.  

During the Bailliage’s Women’s Day celebration famous women were evoked expanding the circle of participants virtually. Images and photos of legendary women: heads of state, scholars, writers and actresses helped to evoke their wise thoughts. At the excellent suggestion of Bailli Délégué Iván Novák, the ladies present recalled their connections to these famous women paying respectful tributes which segued into enjoyable, exciting conversations.

Parting gifts included products from Omorovicza luxury cosmetics firm. 

Memories can be summed up by Audrey Hepburn’s words “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”.

Vive les femmes! Vive la Chaîne!

Iván Novák
Bailli Délégué

* Two decades ago the UN had the excellent idea of declaring the November 19th as International Men’s Day to emphasise gender equality.