India Dinner
Bengaluru, March 14, 2018
Kebabs and malt whisky ... the celebration begins

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Chaîne in India, a special out-of-the-ordinary evening was called for in celebration. This was held at ITC Windsor’s iconic North West Frontier restaurant, Royal Afghan, which was coincidentally celebrating its 35th anniversary.

After cocktails and canapés by the poolside, members sat down at long tables in the restaurant, donned large bibs in Royal Afghan tradition and enjoyed the three-course repast.

To partner the flavourful, rustic food of the frontier province, Amrut Distilleries, India’s award-winning malt whisky brand, joined us for the evening. Three of their special variants were offered, Amrut Classic, Amrut Fusion and Amrut Amalgam, to pair with the velvety kebabs, rich lentils and luscious curries accompanied with buttery naans and other breads.

The pièce de resistance was the roast leg of lamb, called the Sikandari raan, cooked to perfection with spices until the meat fell off the bone. The milk-rich traditional desserts accompanied innovative petits fours created by Executive Chef Uchit Vohra.

General Manager Shekhar Sawant, Maître Hotelier, and his team ensured a memorable time was had by all. Ashok Chokalingam, Global Brand Ambassador for Amrut malt whiskies recounted stories of the brand. The whiskies had held their own being paired perfectly with the rich flavours of the traditional food.

This most successful evening of food and whisky was the first event planned to kick start the Bailliage’s 10th anniversary celebrations, with promises of many more spectacular evenings to come throughout the year!

Ruma Singh
Chargée de Presse