Brunei Dinner
Bandar Seri Begawan, March 17, 2018
Auspicious good fortune and blessings of the New Year
" annual event to appreciate the best of local Chinese cuisine "

Our Chinese New Year themed dinner was held at the Seri Kamayan Restaurant in Bandar Seri Begawan. This was the Bailliage’s annual event to appreciate the best of local Chinese cuisine. Fellow Chaîne member Jerrard Pang, whose family own the restaurant, was our host for the evening.

Our ten-course good fortune menu started with a “Platter of Five Treasures” - a delicious selection of seasonal delicacies to stimulate the taste buds. Other highlights of the meal included “Prawns in floating clouds”, “Fortune silken tofu”, “Buddha blessings yam basket of vegetables” and “Shanghai-style pancakes” which were all paired with a fine aged Pu-erh tea.


“An abundant year”
Golden corn soup

Prawns in floating clouds

Royal Garden Emperor chicken

Fragrant slow-roasted leg of lamb

Fortune silken tofu with superior soy sauce

“Buddha blessings” yam basket and vegetables

“Year of prosperity” steamed pomfret fish

“Double happiness”
Honeydew sago delight, vanilla ice cream

Shanghai-style pancakes

Fine Chinese Pu-erh tea

Bailli Délégué Andrew Caie and Conseiller Gastronomique Nicoline van den Berg-Alma, worked with Jerrard to perfect a menu of typically regional Chinese fare for the members and guests. Explaining the choices, Andrew said that “The aim was to get a blend of traditional and non-traditional Chinese New Year dishes which would provide something different, appealing to the broader tastes of our membership”.

Andrew Caie
Bailli Délégué