Korea - Winter Olympics
PyeongChang, February 9-25, 2018
Chaîne members energize the 23rd Olympic Winter Games

The 2018 Winter Olympics, officially known as the 23rd Olympic Winter Games and commonly known as PyeongChang 2018, were held from February 9-25.

Bailliage Professional members embodied the international character of both the Chaîne and the Winter Olympics.

Led by Échanson Roland Hinni, between them an energizing full course traditional Swiss meal with wine and dessert was offered to hungry, excited participants at the Games. What an exhilarating experience with so much energy from all involved!

The highlights:
- Cordon Bleu School students at Sookmyung University with Roland’s team worked through many nights in the Grand Hilton Seoul’s kitchen thanks to its General Manager, Bailli Délégué Bernhard Brender
- out of all the famous Swiss dishes served the famous “Zopf” bread was the winner

The facts:
“It’s a nearly eight year long story”, said Roland Hinni. “I decided to get involved in Korea’s first bid for the Olympics. Four years ago, I was chosen to go and cook for the evaluation team but the bid went to Sochi.”

“I wanted at least once in my lifetime to participate in and feel the thrill of the Olympic Games if not as an athlete at least as a supplier” declared Pierre Doucet CEO of Seoul Wines and Spirits.

“No meal is perfect without something sweet” suggested Yuni Chung, Oliver Sweets CEO, who designed delicious chocolates using the Winter Games’ mascots as an integral part of the promotion campaign in advance of the event.

The biggest challenge:
- freezing temperatures as low as minus15C … wine won’t survive, beer bottles will explode hence they were stored at the seaside and shuttled to PyeongChang daily.

The stats:
- 25,000 plus meals prepared
- 600 “Zopf” were baked, sliced and served
- 25 years’ experience in Korea gave Roland, the only Swiss Chef in Seoul, the edge to head up the food production
- trucks travelled daily the 190 kms from Seoul to the Swiss House in PyeongChang to deliver the food created overnight
- 10,000 Veal bratwurst were produced by a local factory closely supervised regarding the recipe
- 4,500 bottles of wines from Switzerland, France and other countries were quaffed
- 8,000 bottles of Swiss beer drunk
- 3,500 bars and 10,400 boxes of chocolates were sold

Phew! What a stretch! Definitely worth it and stimulating! Roland and his colleagues made such a great team creating an extraordinary result showcasing all things Swiss.

Anne-Isabelle Blateau
Chargée de Presse